The P-40e “Texas Warhawk” and P-40k “Aleutian Tiger” participated in the Atlanta Warbird Weekend at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport the 24 -25 of September, 2016. The 3rd annual hosted by the Dixie Wing CAF, this year’s event was in honor of the AVG, better known as the Flying Tigers. Five P-40s made the event, making it the largest gathering of P-40s in many years. Though the temperatures were close to the one hundred mark, thousands of folks came out, and it was great to see them take in all the aircraft on display.

TFLM pilot Bernie Vasquez had the honor and pleasure of flying AVG crew chief Frank Losonsky for a thirty minute flight around the Atlanta area. It even made CNN the next day which was great! TFLM was very fortunate to have the P-40e flown to Atlanta by Steve Hinton. Both of them flew the P-40’s, along with the other three on Saturday afternoon to the great delight of all in attendance. When the formation of five P-40s flew overhead, other than their engines, you could hear a pin drop as all heads were pointed skyward.

The event brought out many other vets as well. We were very fortunate to have a visit from Dick Cole, now 101 and the last surviving crew member of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. Many families with young children were also in attendance. Between the Texas Flying Legends Booklet that was being handed out, along with personal interactions, the kids took away with them a great appreciation of the aircraft, their pilots and the reason for the freedoms we enjoy today.

The TFLM aircraft arrived on Thursday, were on display until Sunday afternoon, when they were flown west, arriving back a the TFLM hangar at Ellington Field, Houston TX. It was a great weekend, and we sure want to thank ALL who came out and saw the planes and talked with us. We looking forward to seeing you at the end of October at the Wings Over Houston Air Show!

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