P-47D | Razorback

This P-47D Razorback is one of two warbirds currently under restoration by AirCorps Aviation for the Texas Flying Legends Museum. AirCorps has been generous enough to provide the following images and research.

Currently not much is known about P-47D-23-RA serial number 42-27609. It flew in the Southwest Pacific and in 1944 was abandoned at Dobodura Airfield in Papa New Guinea. Some time later it was sitting in front of a house at Popondetta in Oro Province, northern Papa New Guinea. It is believed right now to be from the 5th Air Force either the 348th Fighter Group or 58th Fighter Group. One fighter squadron of the 348th FG that has been eliminated is the 342nd Fighter Squadron. The 35th Fighter Group remains a slim possibility.

Work began in 2015 on the restoration of this P-47. Tear down, part inventory and part replacement are all part of the process of bringing this bird back to life. At the beginning of this year work has begun to really move forward as assemblies are repaired and others replaced. CAD drawings are still being worked on for the fuselage and wing assemblies, while other drawings have been completed and work on production has begun.

As the restoration goes on more information and images will be put up here on the museum’s site. Be sure to go to the AirCorps Aviation project page on the P-47D Razorback to see what’s already happened in the restoration of this great piece of history.

April/May update on the P-47 Razorback

In March worked continued on building parts needed for the P-47, including the precise flat aluminum surface needed to build the fuselage. Between April and May parts were completed and assembly began on the fixture that would keep everything together as the fuselage...
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Spring Update on the P-47

Much of the work being done on the P-47 isn't as noticeable to the naked eye. Lots of scanning, machining and building is taking place at AirCorps Aviation. The wing fittings have come back from being magnetic particle tested and cad painted. Above is the Republic...
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Progress on the P-47

Progress on the museum's P-47D Razorback, currently being restored by AirCorps Aviation, is off to a great start this year! The tail cone has been assembled and fitted. It was then disassembled and painted with the protective zinc chromate coating. After the paint was...
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Winter Update on the P-47D Razorback

Work on the museum's P-47D Razorback, currently being restored at AirCorps Aviation, is going quite well. Over the last couple of months work has progressed on the dismantling of the fuselage as well as progress on the tail section. The horizontal stabilizer is out of...
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July/August Update on the P-47D Restoration

TFLM's P-47D Thunderbolt, currently being restored by AirCorps Aviation is making good progress as building and fabrication continues from the 3D scans. The turbocharger was of particular interest last month as it is a complex system on the aircraft. Work on the...
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Latest Update to the Restoration of the P-47 Razorback

The latest update with the P-47 Razorback currently being restored by AirCorps, show's some very interesting developments with the rebuilding process. Having very little intact parts to work with, much of the P-47 has to be rebuilt in the computer using 3D imaging and...
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