The men and women airmen from Minot AFB volunteered their time and extreme elbow grease to clean the TFLM fleet. On 09 Sept, 2016 they took over the TFLM Hangar at the Dakota Territory Air Museum to remove the summer seasons of flying and get them spic and span for the falls flying. Josh and Michelle from the Minot Aero Center provided not only cleaning supplies and guidance, but were right there in the thick of things cleaning. “Betty’s Dream” and the FG-1D Corsair received the most attention as they both get the dirtiest from flying.

After fours hours time, 42 man hours, the fleet was looking pretty darn sweet. The airmen enjoyed the view of their work while eating pizza provided my the museum. The phrase, “thanks for your service” took on a whole new meaning at the end of the day. We thank them for their from lending a helping hand, and their service projecting our freedoms!

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