In May the Texas Flying Legends Museum made an amazing journey around the northwest United States providing many people the opportunity to see the aircraft up close. After the debut at Planes of Fame and traveling north through California and Oregon we made a quick stopover at Erickson Collection in Madras, who embraced the museum with open arms. The following morning they sent the fleet off with a quick vic formation with their Oscar and SBD around the airport flying.

The flight over Oregon, Washington and Idaho was absolutely beautiful. A quick stopover in Coeur d’Alene, ID and then it was off to the last objective before getting home, flying over Glacier National Park. Since this was potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity flying over the continental divide the film crew took full advantage of it. With two and a half orbits complete, it was off east to Minot.

As quickly as the mountains emerged they were gone again as the divide quickly dropped off to the flat land of northern Montana. The last refueling was in Glasgow, MT and then it was home. The eager crowd at Glasgow welcomed the planes. It gives true sight to the purpose of the museum when these planes can bring joy to those that don’t always get to see them.

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